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'Ma'am, Do Not Attack Me!': Mayor's Scuffle With Reporter — and What She Did Right After — Caught on Camera


"Excuse me ma'am!"

Mayor WHO . (Image source: screengrab via WHAT)

It's an old story — political figures getting in the faces of journalists they don't want to answer to — but with a new twist: the politician apologizes right away.

Northeast Ohio Media Group reporter Sara Dorn caught up with Richmond Heights, Ohio, mayor Miesha Headen last week and started recording video as she peppered the mayor with questions about her assistant's legal battles.

Headen's assistant, Brandye Mells, is the subject of two criminal cases in Toledo and is being charged with forgery and theft.

Rather than answer, Headen grabbed for Dorn's camera and insisted she did not consent to being filmed.

Mayor Miesha Headen. (Image source: screengrab via Cleveland.com) Mayor Miesha Headen grabbed at a reporter's camera . (Image source: Northeast Ohio Media Group)

"Sara, it's not fair," Headen said. "Are you recording right now?"

"Excuse me ma'am, do not attack me!" Dorn protested, then noted that she doesn't need the mayor's permission to record on public property.

But unlike manyother political figures caught manhandling journalists, Headen appeared to have a change of heart immediately after tussling with Dorn.

"I apologize by the way for touching your camera," she said.

But did she answer Dorn's questions?

"We are committed to transparency," the mayor intoned while refusing to actually answer.

"Can't you at least tell me why you won't answer my questions?" Dorn pressed.

The mayor paused, squinted at the horizon, then got into her car without responding.

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