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10-year-old Alise Alexander dreams of going to college and studying medicine. Her desire and love of learning give this young lady the basic tools any young person needs to succeed. Luckily, Alise's mother was able to get her daughter into a charter school that performs much better than the schools in her Harlem neighborhood. That was until NYC's new mayor, Bill de Blasio, announced that Alise's school would be closed.

This story caught the attention of TheBlaze TV's Will Cain.  And now, subscribers to TheBlaze's FireWire will be given exclusive early access to the fourth part of his mini-documentary on the story.

10-year-old Alise Alexander speaks about Success Academy in Harlem, where she is a student. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) 10-year-old Alise Alexander speaks about Success Academy in Harlem, where she is a student. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

In early May, TheBlaze released "Alise vs. The Mayor," the first installment of a four-part series about the battle between a NYC charter school and Mayor Bill de Blasio, produced and directed by Will Cain. Seen through the eyes of a 10-year-old student, the series spotlights the effects of closing a charter school that is actually performing very well, especially when it is compared with typical public schools in the area.

In case you missed "Episode 1: Pawn," watch the entire 7:36 video here.

Two weeks later, Episode 2 of "Alise vs. The Mayor: King's Gambit" was posted on TheBlaze. In this 7:56 video, 10-year-old Alise talks about how the school has made a difference in her life. Cain also exposes some of the possible motives behind Mayor de Blasio's targeting of this specific charter school.

Monday, June 2, we posted the third installment of "Alise vs. The Mayor." This episode follows Alise and 11,000 protesters from Harlem to the state capitol in Albany. Will Cain warned us, "This one will bring tears to your eyes." He was right.

Later this week, TheBlaze will release the fourth and final chapter in the story of "Alise vs. The Mayor." However, subscribers to FireWire, the daily newsletter from TheBlaze can see it a full day before it is posted to the general public.


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