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Something 'Insane' and Really 'Disgusting' Happens When You Boil a Bottle of Coke


"This... is not what I was expecting."

A new video posted online Tuesday shows what happens when a bottle of Coke is boiled — and it might have some people second guessing drinking the carbonated beverage the next time around.

Footage of the experiment shows the liquid slowly transform into a gooey, black substance.

"It's insane. Look how black it is. It's got to be sugar and all these other chemicals and stuff," the narrator in the video says. "So every time you drink a little bit of soda, you pretty much eat all the sugar and all this stuff."

[sharequote align="center"]"It's insane."[/sharequote]

Individuals commenting on YouTube appeared grossed out from what they saw.

"That's disgusting," one person wrote.

"This... is not what I was expecting," said another.

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