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Dad's Message for Speeding Drivers Concerned Some Neighbors – But It Seemed to Work


Speeding is a major problem in Wayne, New Jersey, dad Craig Rovere's neighborhood.

Motorists routinely zip through at high speeds, and the existing roadsigns warning of the many children in the neighborhood don't seem to deter speeders.

In fact, Rovere recently came home to discover a "Children at Play" sign knocked over, he told News 12 New Jersey.

Craig Craig Rovere. (Image source: News 12 New Jersey)

So he posted his own sign: "If you hit one of these kids because you are speeding, you will not need a lawyer."

Underneath the message is a picture of a handgun.

WHAT Image source: News 12 New Jersey

Some neighbors have expressed concerns about the violence implied by Rovere's sign, but he said he never really planned to shoot anyone — he just wanted to get the message across.

According to Rovere, he's seen a lot fewer speeding cars since posting the sign, and has taken it down until such time as it needs to be re-posted.

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