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What's about to happen should serve as a lesson to keep your cool on the road

Image source: YouTube

Even if this video isn't the result of road rage, which it very well might be, it's still a good lesson as to why it's important for all parties to try and keep their calm while on the road.

In what appears to be Russia where everyone has dashboard-mounted cameras, a silver sedan sped up along the side of a red car. Silver car's driver hopped out and ran over to the red car, but this other driver was waiting and popped him in the face, sending silver car's driver to the pavement on his back. Red car's driver hit the other man a couple times more while he was still down.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Silver car driver's friend rushed to his aid and ushered him back to his own car. Both cars sped off when the traffic light changed and that's that.

One YouTube video showing the altercation calls it "aggressive driver regrets his road rage decision." The video itself though does not give us enough context about why the fight actually started.

Watch the footage:

The video appears to have been posted earlier this week.

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