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Lightning Is About to Strike That Truck — and It's All Caught on Camera: 'It Sounded Like a Sonic Boom\


"...sounded like a sonic boom."

An elderly couple felt a jolt of mother nature's fury over the weekend when their pickup truck was struck by lightning as they traveled down a rural Canadian highway.

According to WPTV, Al and Betty Perry were driving down a highway Saturday afternoon when they heard what "sounded like a sonic boom."

"It was ... that's how loud [it was]," Al said.

Surveillance video captured the entire incident, showing the vehicle get hit with the lightning bolt and momentarily become engulfed in flames.

Airbags deployed as the truck's cabin began filling up with smoke, making it hard to breathe. The truck's electric system, fried by the heat, had stopped working, leaving the couple trapped inside.

“I turned my body and put my two feet up and tried to kick the window out,” Al said. “I don’t know how many times I tried and tried and tried."

“How are we going to get out of this particular thing?" he asked. "This is a coffin."

Luckily, an officer happened to be driving by when he saw the incident occur and rushed toward the vehicle to assist the couple. Both Al and Betty were evaluated by doctors, who were both said to be okay.

They celebrated their 47th anniversary just a few days later.

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