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Rescued: Connects People & Pets With Free Public Service


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Animals love unconditionally, which is why it’s difficult to comprehend the horrific cases of animal abuse constantly reported in the news. However, there are some businesses standing up to fight animal cruelty. In addition to connecting people to great products at incredible savings, is now using the same technology and vast online platform to help the lives of homeless and abandoned pets throughout America.

To get started, simply head over to the pet adoption area of the website. believes that every life is valuable and is providing this platform as a public service to help create a world free of homeless pets. In addition to the usual shelter choices of dogs and cats, the service is open to all shelters and rescue groups, which means that now horses, reptiles, birds, and even ostrich and llama can be listed as well. Adopting or rescuing an animal in need is an extraordinary experience. Saving an animal from an abusive environment is beyond rewarding.


Out of the 8 million pets turned into adoption centers each year, 6 million are rescued. The remaining 2 million animals are euthanized. The pet adoption program delivers the opportunity to impact the total number of animals rescued and adopted! The service allows people to search by pet and zip code, further filtering results by size, age, species and more! offers this service free of charge to all shelters across the U.S. and to everyone who is interested in searching for, and finding, an animal companion, because a world where there are no homeless pets is a better place to be. In addition to the adoption service, also accepts donations on behalf of Best Friends Animal Society, an organization dedicated to creating No Kill shelters across the U.S.

To fully understand how meaningful this program has become, meet Max, a 5-yr old, Beagle Terrier Mix rescued from the Humane Society of Utah:


Max was a neglected pet and was recently listed in the pet adoption program. His previous family was unable to care for him and dropped him off at the Humane Society of Utah.

Shellie Robertson, who works as a Systems Integration Developer at, found Max when he was at his worst. However, Shellie still noticed the great qualities Max had and decided to adopt him. After surgery to remove a painful stomach ulcer that Max had gotten due to stress at his previous home, Shellie was able to take Max home.

These days, Max spends his time playing with Shellie’s son, going for walks, and sneaking up on the family cat. Stress free, and with his confidence back, Max couldn’t be happier in his new home.

"Adopting Max was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made," Shellie said. "Hopefully more people will learn that adopting is one of the best ways to find your new best friend."

Learn more about the great animals from and find rescue a pet today!

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