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This May Be the Coolest Pen You'll Ever Own


Definitely the rivals the cool factor of the space pen.

This creative design could be a mobile artist's best friend. Or it could just be the coolest pen in your office drawer.

scribble Image source: Scribble Pen

The Scribble Pen has a unique capability: a color sensor that allows the user to scan any object around them, then immediately doodle in that same shade.

Love the shade of the grass in your yard or the flowers in your garden pot? What about your sports team's jersey color? The pen can scan those colors and store them so if you want to use the same shade again, the ink combination will be identical.

Using technology similar to a color printer, the pen has cartridges in cyan, yellow, magenta, black and white that can be combined to make any other color.

w The Scribble Pen takes a simple concept, mixing ink like in a color printer, and minimizes it. (Image source: Scribble Pen)

The company has also designed a stylus with the same color sensor technology that allows users to create their own palate on their smart tablets as well.

Scribble's technology is not available for sale just yet, but eager artists, parents eyeballing these for their creative kids or doodlers just looking for a more exciting way to take notes in that boring office meeting can pre-order. Once it's released, the pen will debut at $150 a pop, and the stylus version for smartphones or tablets will cost just under $80.

(H/T: Daily Dot)

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