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I Choose Muhammad!': The Fiery Christian Tract That Has Some Muslims Up in Arms


"Get out of my house you infidel!"

A pamphlet that was recently distributed by a Christian church in Virginia is angering some Muslims who claim that its contents constitute an attack on Islam.

Entitled "Unforgiven," its pages contain a comic that tells the story of a man named Lamont who converts to Islam in prison, changs his name to Muhammad and essentially ends up threatening his Christian grandmother.

In the tract Lamont, who appears to be African American, is at first coerced into joining the Muslim faith while he's incarcerated, according to WDBJ-TV.

Image source: Chick Publications Image source: Chick Publications

Later, when he's released, he appears to be controlled by a Muslim leader who tells him that his grandmother's Christian faith means she's an unbeliever who must be considered his "open enemy."

Considering the sensitive subject matter, it's no surprise that some residents expressed frustration and offense when Bible Baptist Church in Garden City, Virginia, distributed the tract.

Hussain Al-Shiblawi, a local man, told WDBJ-TV that he gets pamphlets from the church every Sunday and that they are typically inspirational, but that this one was different.

"It basically indicated that the people are violent, the religion itself is violent, and the facts in here are not true," he said. "It shows him trying to kill his mother saying, 'If you weren't my grandma, I'd kill you where you stand, Allahu Akbar.'"

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In one scene, the grandmother begs Lamont to return to the Christian faith, telling him he'll "die in [his] sins" and be unforgiven by God if he doesn't. But the young man isn't swayed by her pleas.

"I choose Muhammad! And I hate your Jesus, your Bible and you!," he screams. "Get out of my house you infidel!"

Image source: Chick Publications Image source: Chick Publications

Bible Baptist Church has received a complaint from Al-Shiblawi and is interested in meeting to discuss the matter, though the pastor there said the church did not write the tract and simply distributed it.

"Unforgiven" was illustrated and written by Christian artist Jack Chick, according to the Chick Publications website. Read it in its entirety here.

(H/T: Christian Post)

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