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The Left's Desire for Amnesty Explained in One Graphic

The Left's Desire for Amnesty Explained in One Graphic

“Their goal has been to turn Texas blue through a massive amnesty while continuing the efforts to bring untold numbers more into the country illegally. ... Giving blanket amnesty to millions here illegally would be disastrous for our state and nation.”

In the most recent issue of TheBlaze Magazine, our own Mike Opelka delves into the progressives' fight to flip Texas from red to blue, and he explains how they're making inroads and how it can be thwarted.

One of the items he exposes is the real truth behind the push for amnesty for illegal aliens. It's much more about political gains than about the well-being of those people "hiding in the shadows."

What's amazing to many on the right is that pro-amnesty Republicans are trying to convince their conservative base to support the push for amnesty because Hispanic voters are a "natural Republican constituency." According to research, Hispanics are and support Democrats. That's it. Nothing complicated. Nothing horribly deep. Just observable facts.

And the progressive left is taking advantage of Hispanics' preference for the Democratic Party by not only pushing for amnesty for illegals but also with increased voter registration among Hispanics in America legally. Which makes sense, since, according to Pew Research, nearly 10 million Hispanics live in Texas, and that translates to 38 percent of the state’s population. Additionally, 50 percent of the Hispanic population is under 18. If one party can capture the hearts—and votes—of the younger Hispanics, it would conceivably have a self-sustaining base for decades.

So, how much of a lead do Democrats have over Republicans among Hispanics? Take a look at this graphic from TheBlaze Magazine based on Gallup polling research:

FINAL PDF - June 2014 issue - Keeping Texas Red - hispanic voters

As Opelka explains:

The independent Gallup polling agency has monitored political leanings among various groups, and their data has long confirmed the perceived reality that Hispanics support Democrats in great numbers.

A November 2013 national study from Gallup reveals that U.S. Hispanic adults are more than twice as likely to identify as or lean Democratic than Republican.

According to the Gallup report, 50 percent of Hispanics identified as or leaned Democratic, just over a fifth (22 percent) identified with or leaned toward the GOP, and 21 percent were wholly independent with no preferences for either party. [...]

Party preference surveys among registered Hispanic voters also show a loyalty that should cause real concern among Republicans. The same Gallup survey shows that, among Hispanic voters, Democrats hold a 32-point advantage (58-26) over Republicans.

And Hispanics aren't just reliable Democratic votes, they're also supporters of the Obama administration:

In addition to the preference for Democrats over Republicans, Gallup also found that Hispanic voters have been overwhelming in their support for the job President Obama is doing—even during periods when Obama’s overall job approval numbers were on a steady decline.

So, what about Hispanics not born in the United States who allegedly should be part of the "natural" conservative base for the GOP? Note the last entry in the graphic above.

With the preference for Democrats already present among Hispanic voters, the largest issues facing the progressive Left’s party appear to be voter registration and voter turnout—especially among Hispanics not born in the United States. Gallup also reports that, while 76 percent of Hispanics born in America are registered to vote, only 31 percent of those born outside the United States are registered.

The Democratic Party recognized the opportunity available with Hispanic voters early on and has been working overtime, building a strong presence in many states. And it appears to be paying off: a reported 70 percent of Hispanics are officially registered as Democrats, versus just 22 percent are registered as Republicans.

The reason Democrats are so excited about amnesty for illegals--especially in Texas--is easily explained. On top of the overwhelming preference for the Democratic Party among Hispanics, Opelka reports:

This registration push goes a long way in explaining the progressives’ push for amnesty for millions of illegal immigrant Hispanics. A study from the Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project last year reported that Texas has 1.7 million illegals and is the only state in the nation to see an increase in the number of illegals since 2007.

FINAL - Keeping Texas Red - Blaze Magazine Cover - June 2014 - no box TheBlaze Magazine, June 2014

Conservatives should know, though, there actually are members of Congress willing to stand up and explain clearly exactly what the push for amnesty--especially in Texas--is all about. Texas GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert told TheBlaze:

“Their goal has been to turn Texas blue through a massive amnesty while continuing the efforts to bring untold numbers more into the country illegally. Through no fault of their own, people who do not go through the process of learning about our American form of government do not understand what it takes to preserve freedom and liberty and how critical fair enforcement of the rule of law is. It is imperative that we first secure the border before even discussing repair to our legal immigration system. Giving blanket amnesty to millions here illegally would be disastrous for our state and nation.”

Mike was on "Wilkow!" Thursday night to talk about his piece:

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