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Brutal Accident Leaves Man on the Ground 'in Pain and Heavily Bleeding' -- But That Apparently Didn't Stop This Villain


"I cannot believe that someone could do that to me, when I was so helpless and in need."

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A U.K. man was lying injured and bleeding on the ground following a brutal motorcycle accident, but that reportedly didn't stop one criminal from going through his pockets and robbing him.

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Craig Stevens, a former Royal Air Force pilot, said that he begged the man to stop, but that the culprit ignored him, stealing cash before fleeing the scene of the accident on June 7 in Hayes, West London.

Stevens says he is disturbed and in disbelief over what unfolded.

"I cannot believe that someone could do that to me, when I was so helpless and in need," he told the Daily Mail. "I could feel his hands going through all of my pockets, I couldn’t move. I was trapped, in pain and heavily bleeding."

Stevens, who is recovering in the hospital, continued: "I was pleading with him to stop, to help me instead of stealing from me but he carried on. I feel angry. I feel violated."

Luckily, a nurse saw him on the ground and ended up helping out.

Stevens' injuries were serious. In addition to a broken arm, his leg was cut deep down to the bone, which is serious considering that he has leukemia and is on blood thinners.

He has had two operations and a skin graft since last week's accident, according to the Daily Mail.

Stevens said he is also frustrated with police, who agreed to investigate the accident but apparently not the robbery.

(H/T: Daily Mail)


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