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The Important Detail Scott Walker Says the Media Are Missing in the Story of Him Being Involved in Alleged 'Criminal Scheme


"At least some of the media are willing accomplices in this."

FILE - In this Jan. 14, 2014 file photo, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks to reporters outside the White House in Washington. Democrats, facing fewer opportunities to pick up seats in the Senate and House, see a more fertile playing field in the three dozen governors' races across the country this year. As a bonus, there’s even the potential of scoring an early knockout against a potential 2016 Republican presidential contender or two. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)\n

Thursday, newly released prosecution documents in the investigation into Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's recall election alleged the governor illegally coordinated with outside fundraising groups. on Friday, Walker said his opponents and the media are missing an important detail: two judges reviewed those charges and dropped the case against him.

"The facts are pretty clear. You've had not one, but two judges-- a state judge and a federal judge … have both looked at this argument in the past, not just recently, remember this is not new news it's just newly released yesterday," Walker explained. "But no charges, case over. Both judges said they didn't buy the argument. They didn't think anything was done that was illegal. And so they've gone forward … and shut the case down both at the state and federal level."

"So many in the national media, and even some here in Wisconsin, are looking at this thing backwards," he added. "This is a case that's been resolved, that not one but two judges have said is over, and we're just learning about it because it became open in a document yesterday. But there is no argument."

"At least some of the media are willing accomplices in this," he added, charging that the story this week is something being drummed up by his political foes.

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