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Twin Brothers Who Lost Their TV Show Over Gay Marriage and Abortion Views Have a Big Challenge for Fellow Christians


"...on the foundation of freedom, you can be as bold as a lion."

Jason and David Benham, the twin brothers who lost their HGTV show amid controversy over their views on gay marriage and abortion, are urging their fellow Christians to stand up, be vocal — and remember that being a believer sometimes means making difficult sacrifices.

"Freedom isn't the ability to do get what you want, it's the willingness to let go of what you have," Jason Benham recently told the Christian Post.

He continued: "When you are willing to release that back to God, what God has so graciously given to you, and you give it back to Him, then you have been set free. And on the foundation of freedom, you can be as bold as a lion."

benham Left to right: Jason and David Benham (Images via Twitter @JasonBBenham and @DavidDBenham)

David Benham added that he believes Christians can help prevent issues like what happened with their HGTV show if they are willing to stand up and be heard. Silence, he said, will only make things worse.

"We have to be willing to let go of what we have, whether it's a job, an elected position, a big 'ole church, whatever it may be," David Benham told the Post. "We have to be willing to let it go, and when that happens, then absolutely we're back on the right track in America."

Watch the Benham brothers speak about these issues below:

Jason and David Benham were honored with an award Friday at the Faith & Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority conference for their stance on religious liberty.

(H/T: Christian Post)

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