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Ex-Secret Service agent and congressional candidate called this the 'biggest hoax perpetuated on America ever


"Could live like a king in the Clinton's garage alone."

Tuesday morning on TheBlaze Radio's "Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson," former Secret Service agent and candidate for Maryland's 6th Congressional District Dan Bongino talked about today's primary election; as well as some of the hot issues of the day. One of the most interesting parts came when the agent-turned-politican started talking about Hillary Clinton.

Dan Bongino (Photo: Wikimedia) Dan Bongino (Photo: Wikimedia)

When Thompson brought up Clinton's recent comments about her being "dead broke" after leaving the White House as well as stating her current financial situation as "not too well off," Bongino got noticeably "riled up." He even called it the 'biggest hoax perpetuated on America ever."

Some of Bongino's anger may have been stoked by what he saw when he helped the Clintons move into their Chappaqua house. According to the former Secret Service agent, someone "could live like a king in the Clinton's garage alone."

The Bongino interview starts at 1:36:07 below. His comments about the Clintons start at 1:42:26

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