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Things Get Tense on 'The View' When Whoopi Goldberg Locks Horns With Blaze TV Host: 'That Is Spoken Like a True White Guy


"We’ll all be out of business, we’ll all stop talking. Everybody’s offended all the time."


Whoopi Goldberg reminded TheBlaze’s Will Cain that he is a “white guy” during a passionate debate Thursday on "The View" over the power of “offensive” words and whether censorship of such words is necessary.

The topic was broached when the Russell Brand’s controversial comments about a Fox News host possibly being more dangerous than the deadly radical terror group ISIS.

“I think it’s part of this whole trend we have now. We elevate words to the most harmful thing in society,” Cain said. “How dare you say something that could offend somebody? How dare you say something that hurts my feelings? Why have we gone to this place where words are the worst thing?”

“Let me tell you why,” Goldberg responded. “America has… a history of utilizing words to harm people and hurt people, and the people who have been on the other side of it I think are at the point where they’re saying, this is not OK anymore.”


Cain pointed out that there was a time where “sticks and stones could break my bones but words cannot hurt me.”

The “Real News” host found himself outnumbered as other panelists joined Goldberg in their opposition to the old saying.

“You’ve got to be bigger than words, that’s the whole point,” Cain shot back.

But Goldberg didn’t relent, saying it’s perfectly acceptable for people to say “don’t use that Redskin thing anymore, I’m not comfortable with it” or “don’t say this word because I don’t like it.”

“We’ll all be out of business, we’ll all stop talking. Everybody’s offended all the time, from the Fighting Irish to the Redskins. Everyone’s offended,” Cain added.

He actually got some applause to that line.

Goldberg came back with, "That is spoken like a true white guy."

“Maybe — that’s what I am,” Cain said.

Goldberg then clarified she didn’t mean what she said “in a bad way.”

Watch the segment via ABC:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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