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Powerful Video Shows the Value of 'Something You and I Take for Granted


"I wasn't expecting anybody to help me today."


Here is a little advice to all wannabe viral video directors and producers: if you want your video to achieve "virality," it might be a good idea to skip the silly stunts and show something with a little heart in it.

Something like giving shoes and socks to the homeless.

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Video pranksters seem to be everywhere on the internet, always searching for the stunt that will propel their name to viral status. One of the most active pranksters is a guy who goes by the name Omar Gosh (say it out loud and you will understand why he chose the name).

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Over the past two years, Omar Gosh has posted ninety-five videos on his eponymous YouTube channel. The overwhelming majority of these videos are practical jokes or silly stunts like gluing quarters to the sidewalk or putting lifelike rubber frogs in a toilet, and then recording the reactions of unsuspecting victims.

Most of Gosh's videos languished in obscurity. A few managed to generate over 100,000 views. However, earlier this month, Gosh posted a video that has garnered nearly two million views with virtually no media attention.

The idea was a simple one.

Gosh and his teenage son were going to offer new shoes and socks to some of the homeless people on the streets of Tampa.

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The reactions from the recipients of Gosh's generosity were quite moving.

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Gosh is also connecting the video to a project called, "Shirt Off Your Back For The Homeless." He hopes to raise $5,000 to provide care packages for the homeless that would include shoes, socks, shirts, sunscreen (the Florida sun can be brutal), dental care supplies and a Bible. 

Watch the entire video here.

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