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Liz Cheney: Obama is 'weakening us intentionally


The United States and nations around the globe continue to pay the price for President Barack Obama’s wrong-headed “light footprint/lead-from-behind foreign policy." 

Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, visited the Chris Salcedo Show this weekend. She wanted TheBlaze listeners to know that she and the former vice president have teamed up to start a brand new organization, The Alliance for a Strong America, to counter the effects and propaganda being inflicted on the world by the extremist leftists who now run Washington, D.C. (cue to 1:34:00 for interview).

Liz Cheney described, in frightening detail, the results of Resident Obama’s feckless foreign policy. She pointed out that. Obama ignored the formation of a Jihadi army, an army that now threatens to establish a state dedicated to exporting terror. Using Resident Obama’s own words, Cheney surmised that his inattention to foreign affairs is part of a strategy to “weaken us intentionally.”

As long U.S. foreign policy remains in the hands of those dedicated to seeing America “be taken down a peg,” many will suffer. Cheney laments that the United States has been and will continue to sit on the sideline and fiddle while the world burns. She warns this trend will make us and our allies less secure.

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