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About 50 Seconds Into This Video, a Look of Pure Fear Comes Across These Armed Robbers' Faces. They Were Right to Be Scared.


They were "very lucky."


One of the worst robbery attempts in recent memory was captured on a Fresno, California, jewelry store’s surveillance camera.

After pretending to be customers at Marlene's jewelry last Friday, one of the two suspects is seen on video pulling out a handgun and demanding cash and jewelry. Meanwhile, the second suspect is seen trying to jump the counter — though he fails miserably.

( (Screengrab via KFSN-TV)

What they didn’t know is the store's owner was in the back of the establishment with his daughter and her newborn child. They quickly learned how foolish it is to threaten the safety of not only a man's daughter, but his grandchild as well.

The owner, Soledad Castaneda, heard his employee screaming that the store was being robbed. He jumped into action, retrieving his shotgun and rushing to confront the bumbling robbers.

You don’t see the shotgun in the surveillance video, but a clear look of shock and fear comes across the suspect’s faces at the exact moment the armed store owner emerges from the back.

The suspect who was unable to jump over the counter is seen dropping to the ground at the sight of the shotgun and heads for the door. The suspect holding the gun — lucky for him — ignored his partner, who allegedly told him to shoot the store owner, and also ran away.

Castaneda, told KFSN-TV that he’s angry the young criminals with no jobs put his family in danger to steal from the business they’ve worked hard to build.

Jose Llamas, the owner's brother, told the news station that the two are “very lucky” that his brother didn’t shoot them. However, he said he can’t help but laugh at the unprepared thieves while watching the surveillance video now that the scary ordeal is behind them.

Police are currently searching for the suspects, who are believed to be as young as 17 years old.

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