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Anthony Cumia, the Guy Who Was Just Fired Over Racial Rant, Sings This Weirdly Appropriate Song


"Anthony does have black friends."

As fans cancel their SiriusXM subscriptions to protest the firing of the "Opie and Anthony" show's Anthony Cumia over racially-charged tweets, the now-former radio host apparently spent the Fourth of July weekend hanging out with at least one black person.

"Anthony does have black friends," OAPedia notes in the section on Cumia's alleged racism. "One named Carlton."

"Carlton" and Cumia were seen hanging out on Independence Day weekend just days after Cumia went on a graphic Twitter rant that was called “racist,” “misogynistic,” and “hate-filled.”

The pair even recorded a stirring rendition of the classic race-relations ballad "Ebony and Ivory."

Meanwhile, Cumia's fans were busy on Twitter Sunday organizing a protest at SiriusXM headquarters for Monday morning.

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