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That is insane': giant yellow jacket hive fuses with recliner in abandoned home


"Very unusual."

When a Florida honey bee removal company was called about a possible job in an abandoned home in Hobe Sound, someone went out to take a look around in order to provide an estimate.

"… but when I got there I found this," Wayne's Bees said in a description of his YouTube video.

The first issue with the hive is that they weren't honey bees but yellow jackets.

"I don't do yellow jackets. I've been attacked by them. It's not very fun," he said.

But the hive itself, Wayne's Bees said, was so interested he decided he had to film it. This is what he found so fascinating — and terrifying enough not to take it on as a job.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"Wow, that is insane," he said.

"That is something very unusual," he added later, explaining that yellow jacket stings are more painful than honey bee stings.

Watch the footage:

Though the video was posted a couple of years ago, it is starting to get some viral play now.

(H/T: io9)

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