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When a Gunman Started Shooting at People Leaving a Party, a Military Member With a Concealed Carry Permit Sprang Into Action

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The Fourth of July ended in fireworks for many Americans, but for one group of Chicago partygoers, the night ended with something else: a firefight.

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Two side-by-side parties provided the scene of the Friday confrontation, the Chicago Tribune reported.

A group of four people, including one military member, was leaving one party when one of the women in the group noticed a cup of liquor on her car.

She asked people at the party next door who the liquor belonged to, then removed the cup from her car, prompting 22-year-old Denzel A. Mickiel to approach the foursome and begin shouting at and threatening them, officials said.

Mickiel went into the house hosting the second party and retrieved a gun, which he then began firing at the group, Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Hain said at a hearing Sunday. Two other unidentified individuals also shot at the group, the Tribune reported.

They probably weren't expecting what happened next.

The military member took cover behind the car's fender, got his gun — for which he had a concealed carry permit — and shot back at Mickiel and the others.

He hit Mickiel twice, wounding him critically, and the group of victims escaped.

One of the women in the group was injured, but has since been stabilized at a Chicago hospital, police said.

Mickiel was also hospitalized.

He did not appear in court Sunday, police said, but was ordered held on $950,000 bail as he faces charges of attempted murder.

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