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Sen. Cruz: Obama Too Busy Collecting Checks From ‘Democratic Fat Cats’ To Visit the Border


"The president will probably just a deliver another lecture. He is pretty good at that."

Senate Rules Committee member Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, right, joined by the committee's ranking member Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, April 30, 2014, after retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens testified on the ever-increasing amount of money spent on elections. The panel is examining campaign finance rules which have been eased since 2010 court decisions opened the door for wealthy political action committees that can accept unlimited donations. Both Cruz and Roberts spoke against limiting political donations which they say represents free speech. (AP Photo) AP Photo

Republican Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas), John McCain (Ariz.) and John Cornyn (Texas) took to the Senate floor Wednesday to decry President Barack Obama’s immigration policies, which they argued are responsible for the humanitarian crisis which is quickly spiraling out of control on the southern border.

In particular, Cruz jabbed at Obama for spending the day fundraising in Texas without visiting the border, which is relatively nearby.

“President Obama today is down in the state of Texas but sadly he is not visiting the border,” said Cruz.

“[I]nstead he’s doing fundraisers," Cruz continued. "He’s visiting democratic fat cats to collect checks and apparently there’s no time to look at the disaster and the devastation that’s being caused by his policies.”

All three senators also took aim at Obama’s request for $3.7 billion in new border funding, saying the cash would do little to secure the border or stem the the growing tide of immigrants.

Cruz for example called the plan a "bait and switch." McCain argued the money would do little to create long term solutions.

“His proposal that came over, for $3.8 billion... unless there are provisions in that legislation which would bring an end to this humanitarian crisis, I cannot support it," he said.

Cornyn also took a shot at Obama early in the colloquy saying he didn't expect much from the president's upcoming and much hyped meeting with Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R).

“I know Governor Perry has implored the president to come visit the border," said Cornyn. "He ’s said ‘well I'll invite the governor to an immigration roundtable’ where I doubt the governor will get in a word because the president will probably just a deliver another lecture. He is pretty good at that."

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