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What's the One Thing Technology 'Can Never Replace'? Here's the Ad With Over 7 Million Views That Will Tell You


"One thing that drives our life forward."

Parents use smartphones all the time to distract their children. Some kids even know how to take selfies before they can string together full sentences.

But a new ad by a company based in Thailand took a stance that one would not necessarily expect to come from a cellphone provider. The commercial resonated so much that it has garnered more than 7.5 million views since being posted last week.

The ad shows a father trying to get his baby to stop crying, showing her a cartoon on his phone and later even getting mommy on the screen.

DTAC Ad_1 Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"Today mobile technology is so crucial that it becomes among the things many people can't live without. Mobile technology development strives to bring solution for communication obstacles and replace many, many things in our life," DTAC wrote in its description of the video. "That's why some people believe technology makes the impossible possible. Meanwhile, the more advanced technology has developed, the more longing we have for the one thing... the thing that technology can never replace."

See just what that "thing" is in the ad:

In case you didn't watch the video, the thing that technology cannot replace is "heart."

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"This commercial recalls the one thing that drives our life forward," DTAC wrote. "If you believe that 'heart' makes the world we live, allow your heart to open wider to people around you."

(H/T: AdWeek)

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