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What an 11-Year-Old Boy Points Out of a Car Window Reportedly Leads to Horrific Multi-Vehicle Rollover Crash


"The driver felt threatened..."

Image source: WKOW-TV

It all started when a terrified driver slammed on her brakes on a Wisconsin road...which led to the car behind her rear-ending her and then swerving into the lane of oncoming traffic...resulting in a head-on collision with an SUV, which rolled over.

Image source: WKOW-TV Image source: WKOW-TV

As for the accident scene in Milton, about 40 miles southeast of Madison, nearby resident Rance Gehri said "it looked like a bomb went off."

Image source: WKOW-TV Image source: WKOW-TV

But what spooked the first driver into slamming on her brakes in the first place Tuesday evening?

She told investigators she saw a boy lean out the backseat window of a car in front of her and point what she thought was a gun at her, reported WKOW-TV in Madison.

Based on the vehicle description authorities found the 11-year-old boy and his family at a nearby campground. His grandmother was driving at the time and said she didn't know there had been an accident. Capt. Jude Maurer said the gun was a toy — an Airsoft pellet gun.

Image source: WKOW-TV Image source: WKOW-TV

"When seen from a distance it can easily be misconstrued as an actual firearm, which in this case is what happened," Maurer told WKOW. "The driver felt threatened, felt concerned that she was going to be shot."

More from WKOW:

Despite extensive vehicular damage, no one was seriously hurt. Two people, including the driver of the SUV that rolled and the second car following behind the vehicle with the boy inside, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries but released a short time later.

Maurer says while the boy likely did not intend to cause the crash, his actions were serious. The sheriff's office is asking juvenile authorities to require the boy serve probation for disorderly conduct.

BB and pellet guns are legal, but authorities remind parents to monitor how their children use them. They recommend only using them inside the home or on private property.

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