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A Heated Glenn Beck Says Democratic Politicians Will Never Do This for Illegal Immigrants

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program July 17, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck says Democratic politicians who are inviting illegal immigrants remain in the United States should host the illegals in their own neighborhoods: not their states or their districts — their neighborhoods.

Beck -- who has raised roughly $2 million to provide for the tens of thousands of underage illegals in America's border facilities -- has repeatedly stated that the job of the American people is to provide mercy, and the job of the American government is to provide justice.

Beck is steadfastly opposed to illegal immigration, and says that those who are in the United States illegally must be immediately returned to their home countries. While the American people have shown mercy by feeding and sheltering the illegals at our border, Beck says, the government has failed to provide justice by releasing the illegals into the United States.

Beck told the horrifying story of an illegal immigrant who was recently accused of breaking into a family home in Texas and molesting a 9-year-old girl, and another who is being accused of kidnapping children and bludgeoning a woman to death in a bathtub in Louisiana.

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program July 17, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program, July 17, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"This is not going to last," Beck said. "You cannot rape our children. You cannot kill our mothers. You can't, and have the United States government put up with it."

Beck was outraged after hearing Gov. Deval Patrick (D-Mass.) compare sending the illegals home to sending Jews back to concentration camps during World War II. He said if Patrick truly feels that way, he should do all he can to welcome illegals into his own community, not just his state.

Beck was further outraged after hearing White House press secretary Josh Earnest say the illegals have "privacy rights," in response to a question about whether communities receiving countless illegals will be informed.

"I do not accept that we are not allowed to be a part of that conversation," Beck said heatedly. "You are not in charge of our communities. You are not the king. You work for us. We have to be involved in the situation."

Beck said if it wasn't "un-Christ-like" behavior, he would love to raise money to send 2,000 illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard, where the president is vacationing on a 10-acre estate this summer. Beck said he has heard from churches that his own community of roughly 26,000 just received 2,000 illegals, and he is concerned about the impact it will have on schools, hospitals and the crime rate.

"I would really like to see somebody take Google Maps and find the places around these politicians' houses," Beck said. "Find the big YMCA that could take another 500 people. Let's put them in the YMCA right down the street from Nancy Pelosi's house at her vineyard. Let's find the places where we can shelter these people in the actual neighborhoods where these people live."

"[The politicians] will not do it, I guarantee it," Beck said. "Because they have 'special needs.' You, on the other hand, well, of course, you have to take it, because they know better than you."

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