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News Helicopter Captures the Incredible Moment a Veteran Deputy Draws on Armed Carjacking Suspect From Moving Motorcycle Like a Pro


An armed carjacking suspect led police in Jefferson County, Colorado, on a wild car chase on Wednesday that ended in dramatic fashion in the middle of Interstate 70.

A veteran Jefferson County deputy, identified as Deputy Fred Haggett, is seen on video drawing his firearm on the suspect from his moving motorcycle. The officer appears to have taken action after the man stopped traffic and pointed his rifle in the direction of innocent motorists.

It’s not clear if Haggett fired any shots, but the armed suspect put down his gun almost immediately after the deputy drew his gun.

He is seen putting his gun down on the pavement and raising his hands. However, he doesn’t surrender to police. Haggett chased down the suspect, grabbed him by the shirt, and threw him forcibly to the ground, according to the Denver Post.

A bystander is then seen getting out of his car to help restrain the suspect until more police arrived.

Police are reportedly investigating four crime scenes after the suspect went on a spree Wednesday. A second female suspect was arrested without incident.

Watch more raw video of the chase via KDVR-TV:

(H/T: Kyle Clark)

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