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He Jacked Her Car and Crashed Into a Nearby House — While Wearing Only a Diaper

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He didn't have pants, keys to the car or even, presumably, the ability to see over the steering wheel, but one Oregon boy still managed to abscond with his aunt's Jeep briefly on Tuesday.

Until he wrecked it against the side of a nearby home, that is.

The Myrtle Creek, Oregon boy was only three years old, KPTV-TV reported, and police interacted with him twice on Tuesday evening.

The first time, an officer noticed the boy sitting in the Jeep alone, KPTV reported.

The officer reportedly made contact with 22-year-old Brennan Pennington, a relative who was watching the boy, and gave her a warning about the unattended child.

But half an hour later, police came back to the scene to discover the Jeep had been wrecked.

Image source: screengrab via Image source: screengrab via KPTV-TV

According to relatives, the boy had scampered back to the Jeep while Pennington was in the bathroom, and, since the Jeep was parked on an incline, he managed to knock it out of gear and then steer it through an intersection and a yard into a neighbor's house.

KPTV reported that police said that after the collision, the boy scrambled back across the street to his home, where he plopped down to watch cartoons "as if nothing had ever happened."

According to KPTV, the boy's family and the homeowner whose house was damaged reached a "civil compromise," and Pennington was cited for a failure to supervise a child.

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