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The Story That Moved CNN Anchor to Call Conservative Website a Group of ‘Willfully Ignorant F***sticks’


"...full steam ahead on climate denier beat-downs!"

After Fox Nation published a Washington Times piece, “Climate Doesn’t Cooperate With Al Gore’s Group’s Visit to Denver EPA Hearings," CNN anchor Bill Weir let loose with a profane Twitter post:

“Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant f***sticks.”

Thursday's article described a "chilly 58 degrees" that met Gore's Climate Reality Project when the plan was to offer free ice cream — presumably to fend off global warming-induced hot weather — at the hearings in the Mile High State. And not surprisingly Weir's pointed reaction drew rah-rah responses from his followers:

Image source: Twitter Image source: Twitter

But not all were on board:

Image source: Twitter Image source: Twitter

Simon Templar added his two cents right back to Weir and CNN: "Hey @CNN, @BillWeirCNN is neither a journalist nor a scientist you willfully ignorant f***sticks..."

For what it's worth, Merriam-Webster defines "climate" in this context as "the average course or condition of the weather at a place usually over a period of years as exhibited by temperature, wind velocity, and precipitation."

Weir later apologized for name calling:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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