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Are 'White People' Needed to Keep Parks Maintained in This 'Miserably Racist City'?


"Wanted: white people."

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Is President Barack Obama's hometown a hotbed of racism?

An image posted Friday to the Chicago subreddit sparked a discussion of Windy City race relations by presenting this apparent premise: the city takes better care of parks that white people use.

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The image shows a sign, apparently at Kelvyn Park, on which someone has written, "Wanted[:] white people to play so the city will take care of this park."

Commenters were quick to call racism.

"I don't know how long you have lived here or how well in tuned you are with our fair city's history, but [Chicago] has always been a historically (and, really, let's be honest, presently) miserably racist city," one commenter wrote. "The simple act of being born white buys one a lot more juice with local civic institutions than it really should."

Another commenter said that whoever scrawled the note on the sign won't have to wait long for white people to show up, saying, "With the direction of gentrification towards that area, they'll get their wish soon."

According to WBBM-TV, the neighborhood in which Kelvyn Park is located is predominantly Hispanic.

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