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President Obama really wants me to sign his birthday card


"I don't want to make this awkward, but..."

Image: OFA email

If you didn't know that today is President Obama's 53rd birthday, you haven't been paying attention. I was unable to avoid it.

Over the weekend, I received an email from Organizing For America (the organization formerly known as Obama For America) with this little bit of pressure.

Image: OFA  Image: OFA

Like many reporters and editors at TheBlaze, I subscribe to newsletters from across the political spectrum, and receive all manner of promotional emails, virtually every single day.

The initial email with the photo of the president carrying a plate of the celebratory cupcakes did not inspire me to "sign the card" (or make the requested donation).

My lack of a response must have triggered the email that arrived around lunch time on Monday. The follow up email was more electronic guilt:

OFA Shaming

You are probably wondering what happens if someone actually wanted to sign the card. Wonder no more! We clicked on the link and were immediately transported to OFA's home page.

Image: BarackObama.com Image: BarackObama.com

The front page offered an opportunity to make a donation and sign a "card." We are not exactly certain why BarackObama.com is soliciting donations. Thanks to term limits, he cannot run for re-election.

You can choose from a selection of three different cards -- a fairly tame and basic "Thank You," a "Happy Birthday to the Organizer in Chief" card and the obligatory "Cute Dog" card.

Image: BarackObama.com Image: BarackObama.com

This really should not be a surprise to me. Last Friday, Obama made his upcoming birthday the centerpiece of the White House press briefing.


I didn't sign the card. Had I, I may have left a message the president wouldn't have liked.


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