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This guy has a very interesting way to get his 'drunk' neighbor off his property


"Get the f*** off my property. Right now."

(Source: YouTube)

A video posted over the weekend is starting to trend on the Internet, and it shows a guy who says he found an interesting way to get his "drunk" neighbor off his property.

"My neighbor was drunk, annoying, and on my property," the uploader, Ronak Kallianpur, says in the YouTube description. Here's what he did about it [CONTENT WARNING FOR LANGUAGE]:

The video has elicited plenty of debate on YouTube. Some feel the guy who used the hose was using the unfortunate state of the neighbor to mock the man, while others say the man who uploaded the video has every right to defend himself from trespassing.

Commenter aahny wrote:

...so embarrassing a drunk man(with obvious drinking problem) in private wasn't enough for your primitive ego...so you decided to film him and post this embarrassing video online...god i hate [a**holes] like you,typical simpleton! btw.your 'property' looks like bronx pissing alleyway,maybe thats why he was there...to take a piss...if i were drunk near your 'property' i would have made the same mistake…[a**hole].

But not everyone agrees. From O2slomaro:

The guy is trespassing and obviously this is not the first time. To me this individual handled it in a humorous and harmless manor. I on the other hand, have little patience for this kind of behavior as a result of growing up in an alcoholic house hold. After a handful of polite suggestions of removing himself from my property failed, this drunkard would have fists in his face rather than water. I say well done guy and thanks for the laugh.

What do you think?

(H/T: MTV.com)

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