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Anti-Israel Protesters Reportedly Target Jewish-Owned NYC Businesses in ‘Day of Action’ — but They Couldn’t Have Expected This


"From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free."

YouTube/Danielle Avel

A group of anti-Israel demonstrators embarked on a “day of action” on July 25, allegedly targeting Jewish-owned businesses in New York City to show their support for Palestine. Holding signs and Palestinian flags, the protesters chanted things like, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” and “Intifada!”

However, something seemingly incredible happened spontaneously that likely caught the anti-Israel demonstrators off-guard.

YouTube/Danielle Avel Screengrab via YouTube/Danielle Avel

Investigative researcher Danielle Avel, who recently uploaded video of the encounter on YouTube, reports that the demonstrators were met with peaceful resistance when they arrived in New York City’s predominantly Jewish Diamond District.

Out of nowhere, chants of “Free, free Palestine!” were drowned out by shouts of “Is-ra-el! Is-ra-el!” Avel claims some Jewish business owners closed their establishments to demonstrate for Israel. The pro-Israel group gradually appeared to grow larger — and louder.

YouTube/Danielle Avel Screengrab via YouTube/Danielle Avel

At one point in the video, a pro-Palestinian protester attempts to start another “Free, free Palestine” chant going, but he is immediately shouted down with pro-Israeli chants.

The pro-Israel demonstrators also shouted out, “Ha-mas ter-ror-ists!” and even “IDF!” in support of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Watch the full video via Danielle Avel here:

This story has been updated.

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