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The Incredible Thing From Winter That's Still Hanging Around in Canada


"We’ve had to go in and accelerate the melting process."

Image source: CTV News

While summer is in full swing with temperatures in the 70s in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the ghost of winter's past still remains in the form of a dirty, nearly 60-foot pile of snow in one dump site in town.

According to Canada's Global News, the accumulation of dirt on the pile has only served to insulate it from melting faster, so the city is now chipping away at it with bulldozers to help facilitate a quicker thaw before the next round of winter sets in a few months from now.

Image source: CTV News Image source: CTV News

“If we didn’t do that it likely wouldn’t have melted before the fall, or potentially before we got snow this year,” Jessica Bell with the city's road department told Metro News.

Jim Berezowsky, the city's manager of street maintenance, told the National Post that many factors, including the exceptionally harsh winter and cooler weather this spring and summer, helped the pile stick around.

“Probably five times in the last 10 years, we’ve had to go in and accelerate the melting process, but this year it is significantly more than in years past,” Berezowsky told the newspaper.

The city hopes to have the area clear and ready for another winter by the end of September.

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