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When a Car Changes Lanes, the Oncoming Motorcyclist Can't Stop in Time. What Happens Next Is Straight Out of 'The Matrix.

Image via YouTube

"The Matrix," meet real life. Real life, meet "The Matrix."

If the latest insane dashcam video to emerge from Russia is real, one motorcyclist might be both the coolest and luckiest person in the world's biggest country.

According to Jalopnik, the video comes from Koroleva, Russia.

The video begins on what seems to be a normal day driving around.

Image via YouTube Image source: YouTube

Then, a car changes lanes as an oncoming motorcycle zips toward the same spot.

Image via YouTube Image source: YouTube

The collision is unavoidable — but miraculously, the motorcyclist flips forward...

Image via YouTube Image source: YouTube

...and lands on top of the car.

Image via YouTube Image source: YouTube

It appears that the motorcyclist survived the collision unharmed.

Watch the whole thing here:

On the roadways of Russia, where "psychopaths are abundant," basically everybody has a dashcam installed in their vehicles as protection against fellow drivers and corrupt police officers.

The phenomenon has generated a seemingly endless supply of unbelievable, explosive and/or physically improbable videos of chaos on the Russian roads.

(H/T: Mashable)

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