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What a Vancouver Man Filmed Flying 'Only a Couple of Feet Away' From His Patio Creeped Him Out


"There is nothing stopping it from flying into my apartment.”

Conner Galway was sitting on the patio of his high-rise apartment building in Vancouver, British Columbia, earlier this week when he saw something flying close-by. It was a drone.

“I thought it was concerning,” he told the Vancouver Sun.

The newspaper reported that Galway saw the drone flying around 8:30 p.m. for about an hour and then again around 10:30 p.m.

Image source: @Conner_G/Twitter Image source: @Conner_G/Twitter

Here's some of the footage Galway took of the drone (Note: the drone is the small white light you can see moving):

Sgt. Randy Fincham with the Vancouver Police Department told the Sun that the authorities would not get involved unless there proof it was used to film a person or their property and/or if it caused safety issues.

Since May, the police department reported receiving 10 complaints about unmanned aerial vehicles. The majority of these complains "were in relation to privacy concerns," Fincham told Ars Technica.

He said that the department has not yet brought charges against any drone operators based on complaints.

Galway, who told the Sun he's not against drone use as long as they're flown within regulations, said what's disconcerting about this case is that you "don’t know if it was looking into apartments or outward."

"My concern primarily is not so much that people can see into your apartment — people can do that with telephoto lenses and binoculars," he told the newspaper. “There is a flying machine up there probably unregulated probably with an untrained driver more than 300 feet above kids playing below. There is nothing stopping it from flying into my apartment.”

We've seen many examples the safety issues out-of-control drones can pose to the public.

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