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Race in America in the wake of Ferguson: Conservative Latino vs. liberal black

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This weekend, we devoted some time to addressing the chaos the nation has seen in America's heartland over the last few weeks. The violence, looting and mayhem has been inflicted on America in the absence of concrete details in the case of Michael Brown, an 18-year old black man fatally shot by a white police officer. We invited Dr. Marc Lamont Hill to give us his perspective on the happenings in Missouri.

Some in the journalism world, CNN in particular, appear to be caught flat-footed when confronted with the fact that today's America in no way resembles America pre-1965. It seems there are those in our nation — who for ratings or profit— are content to keep up the notion that it's open season on blacks in America, and whites are the ones pulling the trigger.

One of the contributors to the Chris Salcedo Show, Mary Ramirez, outlined the sobering facts in one of her recent articles, blacks are under attack from other blacks. We wanted to talk with someone with a liberal point of view to address my contention that Ferguson is more a reflection of politics than race.

Cue to 8:20 to hear the start of the conversation:

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