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Chris Matthews Chides MSNBC Guest for Not Agreeing With Him on Burger King Move


"Just a little too much nuance tonight, sir."

Image: MSNBC screen capture

Things didn't go as planned on MSNBC's "Hardball" Wednesday when host Chris Matthews tried to drum up anger over Burger King's recently announced move from the U.S. to Canada.

Image: MSNBC screen capture Image source: MSNBC

Matthews happens to be a fan of Burger King's burgers, declaring them "the best burger there is." The host even dedicated his signature closing segment, "Let Me Finish," to his love of Burger King's food. (See below.)

Asking former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown about "this stinking idea, to sneak out of the United States, sell as many hamburgers as you can here and skip your responsibilities to the American people," Brown's response came up far short of what Matthews clearly was hoping for.

"You know Chris, we gotta watch ourselves on this one," Brown said. "Because there are some weaknesses in my and your outrage."

Image: MSNBC screen capture Image source: MSNBC

Brown reminded Matthews that Burger King is not an American company: "This is a Brazilian company, that's what Burger King is … several years ago, some cats from Brazil bought Burger King."

Matthews quickly shifted his focus to in-studio guest David Korn of Mother Jones. Closing the segment later, Matthews thanked Brown but added, "just a little too much nuance tonight, sir.  I like the straight-ahead attack approach you usually take."

Watch the exchange here:

Here's Matthews closing show dedication to Burger King:

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