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He Broke into a Home and Just Stood There Shirtless, Dripping Sweat. Things Got a Lot Weirder after Cops Took Him to Jail

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Nothing says, "Say no to drugs!" quite like a meth user's mug shot.

Image via Christopher Fulton. (Image via KSAZ-TV)

Christopher Fulton, 45, was allegedly high on meth and drunk on vodka when he broke into a Paradise Valley, Arizona, home on Thursday night, KSAZ-TV reported.

He was apparently so out of it that he didn't even steal anything — the homeowner who discovered Fulton said the man was just standing shirtless inside the house, sweating profusely.

Fulton ran after the homeowner called the cops, but police quickly found him and brought him to jail, KSAZ reported.

That's when things got really weird.

Fulton's heart was racing, police said, and the combination of drugs and alcohol in his system apparently caused him to overheat, so he turned to a readily available source of water in his holding cell: the toilet bowl.

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Fulton was eventually hospitalized to get his heart rate down, and KSAZ reported that charges are pending.

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