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Dad Pranks Son as He Belts Out Katy Perry Song in the Shower — The Kid’s Reaction Sent the Video Viral Overnight


He was belting out Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" in the shower.


As he belted out Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” in the shower, this young lad seemingly had no idea his prankster dad was lurking nearby with hopes of scaring him so bad that his terrified reaction would go viral on YouTube.

(YouTube) (YouTube)

Unfortunately for the kid, dad was successful.

The dad, Josh Fairbanks, has turned pranking his son into somewhat of a hobby. There are other hilarious videos of different pranks on his YouTube channel.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the video has received nearly 500,000 views in just one day. Watch this dad scare his son senseless:

(H/T: MTV)

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