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Watch a 'Novice' Motorcyclist's 'Insane' Crash on a High-Speed Track


"All I saw was bikes and people flying."

Image source: YouTube

A person racing along the Texas World Speedway in College Station on Monday pointed his GoPro camera toward himself in order to analyze his own body position and improve it. He ended up capturing that and more.

The camera caught footage of other riders around him and recorded the moment a fellow motorcyclist's bike flipped forward, throwing its rider onto the pavement in front of another bike. Just as the camera's view rounds the corner leaving these riders out of sight, it appears as if this other bike was about to flip over the first rider as well.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

The YouTube user going by Flaw3dLegacy wrote that the crash happened while he and the other motorcyclists approached the seventh turn.

Watch the footage:

A commenter on the video, who wrote that the incident happened four bikes in front of him, called it "insane."

"All I saw was bikes and people flying," red06g6 wrote.

According to the speedway's website, it hosted a Ride Smart motorcycle rider's school Monday. The course is intended to provide instruction for motorcyclists including novice street riders and experienced racers.

A Reddit user going by myorangecrayon wrote that he was riding behind the man who captured the GoPro footage.

"Level 1 (novice) riders get in over their heads, one hits the brakes, the other one REALLY hits the brakes and goes airborne," he wrote of what happened. "You can see the second rider also getting her pilot's license to avoid running him over. From what I understand, they are both (relatively) ok save for a couple of broken bones."

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