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Cops Knock on Man's Door, Ask to See ID and 'Check' His House. The Way He Handles It Has Some Cheering, Others Criticizing.


"You want to play games? I’m gonna drag you out..."


A man in Inglewood, California, is receiving both praise and criticism for the way he handled a recent exchange with a pair of police officers who knocked on his door while searching for a wanted felon accused of beating his girlfriend. Avel Amarel uploaded video of the interaction to Facebook on August 25 and it has since been shared more than 10,000 times.

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In the video, Amarel answers the door with his cellphone camera recording. One of the officers immediately asks him to turn the camera off.

“No, I can’t,” Amarel responds.

“OK, I said turn it off,” the officer says.

Amarel refuses to comply with the officer’s order and things eventually calm down after the situation briefly turned chaotic.

The officer then explains that they are with the sheriff’s department and are searching for a wanted felon who allegedly beat his girlfriend nearby.

“What’s your name?” a second officer is heard asking while shining a light on Amarel.

“I don’t have to tell you that,” he shoots back.

Amarel then asks the officers for “three forms of ID” because they could be “anybody dressed up in a uniform.”

“You want to play games? I’m gonna drag you out if you…” the larger officer says, stopping mid-sentence.

After telling the cops that he witnessed the assault occur from his window and briefly going over the details, Amarel proclaimed that he was not harboring any fugitives. In the video, the officers are heard claiming that they were informed that he was friends with the suspect they were looking for.

“Can we check your house?” the larger officer asks.

“Get a warrant,” Amarel replies.

“Will you allow us to check your house?” he asks again.

“Get a warrant,” the resident repeats.

“OK, thank you,” the second officer adds. With that, the interaction was over.

Watch the video below (Warning: Some strong language):

Many YouTube commenters are praising Amarel for knowing his rights and “shutting down” the police. However, a smaller minority also say he was overly difficult and uncooperative with officers who were trying to locate a dangerous suspect. There were some people who didn't particularly like the way either party handled the situation.

Further, Amarel’s Facebook page makes his views on the police pretty clear. In the Facebook post that included the now-viral video, he wrote:

Police think they can do whatever they want nah not today not with me I'm never ignorant of The law tawmbout they gone drag me out my house making empty threats to a boss! You gotta kno ya sh*t out here cause these devils scanless out here

In a different August 25 Facebook post, he wrote, “F*** the police… they give us no peace.”

He then uploaded another explicit video on September 1 in which he claims he will be “shooting back” if cops shoot at him “like they did Mike [Brown]” in Ferguson, Missouri.

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