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Watch This Baby's Reaction to His First Hearing Aid and You'll See Why It's Gotten More Than 3 Million Views in Less Than a Week


"We cried from happiness."

Image source: YouTube

The ability to hear is something most people take for granted, but one video showing a 7-week old being outfitted with his first hearing aids is one that can make anyone take a moment to appreciate the gift of sound.

YouTube user Toby Lever wrote that his son Lachlan was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears at just a few weeks old.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"His reaction when [the hearing aids] were turned on was truly amazing. We cried from happiness," Lever wrote.

While Lachlan wasn't too pleased about the device being pressed into his ear at first, he calmed down the moment he heard his mother's voice. As he got more used to the sound of people cooing at him, he cracked a smile.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Watch the footage:

Many others are touched by the video as well. It has gotten more than 3.8 million views (as of the time of this posting) in less than a week. The boy's mother, Michelle Lever, initially posted the video in 2012 on her Facebook page.

Toby Lever more recently posted the video onto YouTube and wrote that his now 2-year-old son is "doing remarkably well." According to a report from an Australian news channel, the video went viral after it was shared during Hearing Awareness Week.

Lochlan is now 2 years old and doing well, his parents said. (Image source: 9 News) Lachlan is now 2 years old and doing well, his parents said. (Image source: 9 News)

"He's age appropriate for his speech, which is amazing, " Michelle Lever told 9 News in Australia. "He's an inspiration to our family. He's not Lachlan with hearing aids, he's just Lachlan, our beautiful boy."

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