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White People Should 'Go Back to England,' According to the Man Who Has Already Driven Most of the White People Out of His Country


"We now have aeroplanes which can take them back quicker than the ships used by their ancestors."

Robert Mugabe

There is no future for white people in Zimbabwe, if President Robert Mugabe has his way.

The 90-year-old president — and noted abuser of human rights — told supporters in Zimbabwe Friday that white people in the southern African nation should all go back to England.

Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe during a meeting with Chinese Premiere Li Keqiang at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China on Aug. 26. (AP Photo/Diego Azubel, Pool)

As reported:

Robert Mugabe said Friday that whites who are still in the country should go back to England as he vowed that those removed from land redistributed to black Zimbabweans would never be allowed to return.

"Don't they (whites) know where their ancestors came from? The British who are here should all go back to England.

"What is the problem? We now have aeroplanes which can take them back quicker than the ships used by their ancestors."

During the same address, Mugabe reportedly told his supporters that U.S. President Barack Obama is afraid of him.

He also claimed Western leaders were trying to "intimidate" Zimbabwe into "allow[ing] the whites to come back," but he affirmed, "That will never happen."

Zimbabwe was once part of the British Empire, and existed between 1965 and 1980 as the white-minority-ruled independent nation of Rhodesia.

Rhodesia, like South Africa, was ostracized on the world stage for the government's mistreatment and disenfranchisement of the black majority population.

After Mugabe came to power in 1980, he pursued an aggressive policy of taking land from white farmers and redistributing it to black citizens — a policy with the stated aim of righting historical injustice, but which in actuality often served as a way for Mugabe to reward loyal supporters.

Mugabe's policies, Zimbabwe's legendary hyperinflation and other factors, including violence, have caused Zimbabwe's white population to decline precipitously "from a peak of around 296,000 in 1975 (five percent of the country) to 120,000 in 1999 to just 30,000 today," according to World Affairs Journal.

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