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A Crook Took Someone Hostage at a Brazilian Gas Station — He Likely Wasn't Planning on This Guy Who Had 'Surrendered' Doing What Happens Next


It happens so fast.

(Source: YouTube)

Incredible footage reportedly out of Brazil shows what happens when a quick-thinking man tricked a hostage-taker into thinking he had surrendered but then quickly took action and eliminated the threat.

The video shows a group of people congregating at a gas pump. That's when someone comes up behind one of them and takes a bystander hostage. Another man, seen in a blue jacket, sticks up his hands:

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

But then things take a dramatic turn. The man in the blue jacket quickly reaches under his garment, pulls out a gun and delivers a shot that sends the alleged crook to the ground. Watch it unfold:

The time stamp on the video says it took place on July 31. According to one U.K. outlet, the man in blue is an off-duty military policeman. A translated page of a Brazilian outlet says the incident took place in San Paulo and that the alleged crook was hospitalized in serious condition after firing a shot of his own.

An investigation is ongoing.

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