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Fox News Host Reveals the 'Dirty' Phone Call She Received From the White House


"I got a weird call..."

Image via Fox News

Fox News has been aggressive in pursuing the story behind the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, and that persistence has earned the network more than a few snubs from the government, as Greta Van Susteren noted Friday.

"The Obama administration's behavior post-Benghazi has been weird, like they're hiding something," Van Susteren said, outlining multiple government-sponsored news conferences from which Fox News was excluded as the network investigated Benghazi.

At one point, Van Susteren claimed, the White House tried to hush up information from the network.

"When reporter Jennifer Griffin said she was told that there was a stand-down order at Benghazi, I got a weird call from the Obama administration trying to pressure me to get Jennifer to back down from her report. I thought the call from the Obama administration was dirty."

Read Griffin's report here.

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