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Team Obama, wrongly breathing a sigh of relief at Russia's agreeing to ceasefire with Ukraine


Given the childish behavior of team Obama when it comes to foreign policy, it's understandable that the liberals in the White House are once again breathing a sigh of relief as Russia seems to be pulling Obama's fat from the fire.

Who can forget Obama dodging accountability for his infamous "red line" on chemical weapons use in Syria? An off-the-cuff comment by  Secretary of State John Kerry and voila: Vladimir Putin swept in and made Obama look a fool in front of the entire world.

Once again Russia appears to be solving another crisis that the unqualified and feckless Obama is ill-equipped to handle. On the show this weekend, Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute said Obama shouldn't pop the champagne corks just yet.  It turns out that Putin isn't done having his way with Obama.

Additionally, Staff Sergeant Michael Golembeskyan eight year vet with the U.S. Marine Corps, talked about his new book, Level Zero Heroes. We also talked politics with Florida talk show host Ed Dean.

Cue to the 1:55:20 mark:

As a side note, the Chris Salcedo Show is in the middle of a two week celebration of our one year anniversary!

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