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Would You Let a Stranger Wake You Up? There's an App for That


"A fun, friendly community of people who wake each other up in the morning."

If you woke up to the sound of a stranger's voice, would it get you out of bed pretty fast?

That's what the creators of the new mobile app, Wakie, are counting on.

The Android and Windows Phone app (the iOS version is currently in the approval process) lets complete strangers dial up snooze-button fanatics to help them get out of bed on time.

wakie app The Wakie app give total strangers the ability to call you up and rouse you from sleep. (Images via Wakie app)

It works a little like a hotel wake-up call service, according to Gizmodo: after signing in with your phone number, the app splits users into two groups: "sleepyheads" and "wakies." Sleepyheads are the anti-morning folks who need a push out of bed, and wakies are the users tasked with providing the proper motivation.

But there's one big difference: a hotel wake-up call usually consists of simply a loud, ringing phone or a computer-generated voice. Wakie instead specifically tries to pair users with a caller around their age and of the opposite gender.

Which means users could start their mornings with the most awkward minute-long blind date.

"Wakie is a fun, friendly community of people who wake each other up in the morning. It’s a brand-new way to wake up, made especially for those of us who hate the jarring noise of an alarm clock," the Windows app site description reads. "When you use Wakie, you get to start your day with a smile instead of a frown!"

Unless, of course your nightmare is to hear a stranger with a Russian accent tell you to get out of bed.

According to NextWeb, the Wakie brand has been available in the U.S. since 2011, but was aimed squarely at Russian speakers. The application has already won over 1.5 million users around the world and the app makers boast 30 million wake-up calls have already been made.

And with a fresh funding round bringing another $1 million to the table, Wakie wants to open its brand up to other markets, opening itself up to users who wish to be woken up in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Singapore and Hong Kong. But those who relish the role of "waker" can sign up from anywhere.

Would you use this?

(H/T: Gizmodo)

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