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See the Measly Tip an NFL Star Allegedly Left on His $61.56 Bill


"It's bull****, man."

(Source: Facebook)

Is it ever OK to stiff a waiter or waitress who gives you bad service, bad food or both?

If you do decide to leave a very small tip or no tip at all, is it alright for the restaurant to publicly shame you for doing so?

Image: Facebook Image: Facebook

Just a day after his team won their home opener in impressive fashion, Philadelphia Eagles All Pro running back LeSean McCoy and three friends reportedly visited a hamburger restaurant called PYT.

Apparently, the diners were not pleased with the service and/or the food. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Rob Knelly, the man who waited on McCoy's table expected the bad tip. Knelly told the Daily News that the party was rude and loud, commenting on the food by saying, "What is this s**t?"

Less than two hours after McCoy left the puny tip, a copy of the receipt was posted on the PYT Facebook page.

That post went viral, triggering local and national news reports.

The small tip was probably not due to a lack of finances. The All Pro running back is in the middle of a 5-year, $45 million dollar contract.

TheBlaze has reached out to McCoy for comment. He has not responded to us, but Philadelphia Daily News sports reporter Les Bowen tweeted a response that he received"


Shortly after the first tweet, Bowen added one more on the subject:


The story raises interesting questions about tipping and a restaurant's response to bad tippers.

Is it ever OK to leave a bad tip? Participate in TheBlaze poll here, and weigh in on the restaurant's public posting of the tip in our comments section below.


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