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What You're Seeing in This Kid's Lunch Is Not Supposed to Be There


"It was just nasty, and we need better lunches..."

(Source: Instagram user 4k_star)

Those with squeamish stomachs should turn away.

Below is a video taken by a student in Memphis, Tennessee, that shows what appears to be a maggot crawling around the student's plate:

Not surprisingly, local news outlets picked up the story. WMC-TV got a statement from the Shelby County School District, which didn't seem to deny the incident that took place at Overton High School:

A student reported that they found what appeared to be an insect on their meal. School and district staff have since conducted a thorough inspection of the cafeteria and kitchen to ensure that no other meals were contaminated. They found that no additional food items were compromised.

However, WMC talked to another student who said more maggots were found.

"It was just nasty, and we need better lunches because I was eating my chicken sandwich and a maggot popped out," the student said.

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