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Sexy Lounging Pin Up Hitler' Can Be Sold on Etsy, but Not the Redskins Logo

Image via Etsy

You may have heard that Etsy, the online marketplace for all things quirky and cute, recently banned the name and logo of the Washington Redskins.

"[W]e at Etsy find the opinion of the minority group itself to carry most weight in determining whether the mascot is disparaging," stated a Tuesday blog post on the site. "In no uncertain terms, Native American groups have consistently advocated and litigated that the term 'redskin(s)' is disparaging and damaging to Native Americans. Therefore, it will no longer be permitted in our marketplace."

The post generously notes that not all Redskins fans are racist, and allows for the continued sale of items that have the team's colors or location — just not the name or logo.

Since Etsy cares so deeply about not offending people, it's probably difficult to dig up offensive content on the site, right?

You be the judge.

Here are a few gems that Etsy's team has not taken down.

Items marked "F**k the Police" are plentiful on Etsy....

Image via Etsy Image via Etsy are items showing Nazi symbols, which range from the historical...

Image via Etsy Image via Etsy the not-so-historical.

Image via Etsy Image via Etsy

There are more than a few items that could be interpreted as stereotyping black people...

Image via Etsy Image via Etsy

...or Jews.

Image via Etsy Image via Etsy

Items that could potentially offend Native Americans, but which are freely available on Etsy, including old-timey knick-knacks...

Image via Etsy Image via Etsy

...and Atlanta Braves paraphernalia, which, unlike Redskins gear, does not seem to be under increased scrutiny for the time being.

Image via Etsy Image via Etsy

That's not to mention the t-shirt that combines a swastika and a forced sex act (link contains obviously offensive content) or the tank top emblazoned with "F****ts are fantastic!" (similarly offensive link).

The continued availability of the above items indicates, it seems, that Etsy's management deems them less offensive than the Redskins name.

Of course, Etsy does seem to be allowing a pro-Redskins shirt to remain on the site.

Image via Etsy Image via Etsy

The move against the Redskins is not the first time Etsy has banned certain items: Back in 2011, Etsy banned a series of greeting cards that offered "congratulations" for things like rape and having a child with Down syndrome.

(H/T: Washington Post)

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